Jacket's collection with integrated glass
Cooler than cold is the heart of the jacket's collection with integrated glass. An essence of style without compromise, technologies and innovative materials. An AI Riders On the Storm jacket is designed for give you a total protection and keep warm in any climatic conditions. The hood with glass, filters on the mounth and on the ears are guaranteed by three patents. It is designed to offer repair to the gelid wind and to the rain, wearing give a fantastic sensation of warm and confort. Do you ever try on an AI Riders jacket? Down jackets, jackets and sweatshirts for young wanderers who live the city and take on the life. This item of clothing are realized to experience your dream. They are pieces of high technology and style made for distinguish without give up the comfort. The mask has anti-fog lens and grimland technology for a higher resistance to the impacts. Fabrics are chosen among high quality materials, made for the outward. Discover the new man's collection
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