Woman's jacket and down jacket with glasses
The AI Riders on the Storm woman's collection of jacket and down jacket with glass is designed for you who love style without compromise and want fell protected, it keeps you warm in any climatic condition. Have you ever felt this unequalled sensation of warm and comfort? Try an AI Riders item of clothing to understand what it means. The iconic hood with incomporated mask, anti fog lens and areators for ears and mouth is a wraparound refuge, designed to close inside and go out. Warm jacket, cool people. High technology materials and design, which trace new wearability, are the heart of the jacket with incorporated glass. They are disegned and dedicated to young wander, women always on the move, creative, free spirit who intensely live day and night. Total protection jacket, real down jackets with incorporated glasses, realized with high quality materials. They are designed for outdoor experiences, they protect from the rain, snow and wind. Item of clothing sewed to get you to go on an adventure, adaptable exactly like you are. An item of clothing AI Riders chases you everywhere. Discover the new woman's collection.
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